May 31, 2013 Guest

Dear Sir/Madam, I sent an email to about a painting I would like to sell through your auction house. It's thought to be a piece by Jiang Yanxi. I am wondering if you received my email. I can send it again of you have not. Thank you. Regards.

Jun 03, 2013 kaien

Dear Sir, please leave us your email address so that we can check your email ,thanks. But if your email address is, I'm sorry to say that we have not received it yet.

May 28, 2013 Guest

Hi, i have several books which contains different types of artwork from several dynasty's. I don't know much about the work and cannot find any information about them online. Can i send pictures to someone and get some info? I am in the United States, my email is Any help is very appreciated, thank you. Dave

May 30, 2013 kaien

Dear Dave, Thanks for your message, please send your pictures to this email Best regards

Dec 10, 2012 Guest

Nov 30, 2012 kaien replied: Dear Kaien, per you email information. I've sent the email with photos of Chinese paintings to the email "" on Dec,06. Not sure have you received the email or the email was forwarded to the involved party. Kindly please check & advise. Thank you. Peter

Dec 28, 2012 kaien

Dear Sir, Thanks for your confirmation. Sorry to say that we have not received your email yet.

Nov 28, 2012 Guest

Dear Sir, Have you came to US for selecting Chinese paintings ? if no, is there any chance you will come by. Thank you. Mr. Peter

Nov 30, 2012 kaien

Dear Sir, Thanks for your letter. Firstly, please send your collections' pictures to our email Then we will give you a reply whether your collection fitting our to sell or not. Best Regards

Nov 22, 2012 emack86

Hello all, My name is Edgar Alvarez I write from Mexico, now I have some work I inherited a family, are mainly Chinese watercolor paintings, researching on the Internet I realize that you are an author named Wu Guangyu, at least I think so I would like to know the cost of these works, you can help me?, Thanks and greetings from México

Nov 22, 2012 kaien

Dear Sir, Please send your collections' pitures to our company's email address, thanks