May 03, 2016 Guest

Hello I just noticed your site and I'm very interested in selling a book collection we inherited many names that are on your site are in my collection such as Paintings By Hwang Chun Pi Volumes 1 to 13 and many more HARD COPY The Collectors Exhibition of Three Masters Zhang Daqian , Pu Xinyu, Huang Junbi , and the list goes on approx 80 to 120 old books of Calligraphy and Paintings we are not Collectors and wish to sell the entire lot. We are in Vancouver canada if intrested we can send photos

Nov 05, 2015 Guest

the central bank of western India Yokuhama 25 $ 1866,cloth,mulberry,bank of china cheques bonds,bank of communication ,rare japan china banknotes,indian banknotes,musham damodhar rao,,8686211191

Sep 19, 2014 Guest

Hi. I have a 1944 China Yuan 10000 and would like to sell it for no less than $150 USD. How do I go about selling it quick and easy?

Jun 27, 2013 Guest

Dear Sir, I sent three pictures(silver sycee) two days ago. Did you get my email( same as I posted? Please let me know. Thank you so much.

Jul 04, 2013 kaien

Dear Sir, thanks for your letter. We've forwarded your email to our colleagues, please wait for their reply. Best Regards

Apr 17, 2013 coins

coins have year of the kuang hsu, yen.900 like to sell

Apr 18, 2013 kaien

Dear Sir, thanks for your email. please send your coins' pictures to us via email Best Regards