Apr 28, 2011 chongkw

Hello My name is Chong from Korea.. I have some rare ancient china coin and sycee.. so I want send picture to you by mail because it will high quality picture for your reference.. after I want to sell my coins through your company.. my mail add chongkw1@naver.com Thanks

Apr 30, 2011 kaien

Dear Mr. Chong, Thank you for your attention to Beijing ChengXuan. If you want to sell your property, please send it's picture to info@ichengxuan.com during June. Best Regards.

Apr 17, 2011 Guest

hello. I`m from St.Petersburg, Russia. I have this coin - 7.2 Mace, Kwangtung Province ( http://www.ichengxuan.com/antiques/31250/ ) and I want to sell it to somebody, who really need it. how can I do this? http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1240710811

Apr 17, 2011 kaien

Dear Sir, Thank you for your attention to Beijing ChengXuan Auctions. I'm sorry to say that our coins' collecting for 2011 Spring sales has finished.If you have property want to sell, please send your property's picture to info@ichengxuan.com around June. Sorry to say that we can not visit facebook.com here in China.

Jun 23, 2010 Guest

Dear Mr.Kaien, My opinion is that I will send my property photos to you to make an auction estimation first, and then send it if it's ok. Best Regards, Thang.

Jun 07, 2010 Guest

Dear Mr. kaien, I'd like to ask you whether your auction house to make an auction estimation by photos if i 'm not in China. Best Reagards, Thang.

Jun 21, 2010 kaien

Dear Mr. Thang, Thank you very much for your attention to our company. If you have any kind of property that you want to sale through our company. You can send us the pictures of your property by email to the related department. Then please remember to make a confirmation by telephone or email to get an answer whether your property fits for sale in our company or not. I'm sorry to say that ChengXuan doesn't supply any kind of estimation. Thank you for your letter. Best Regards, Kaien

May 11, 2010 Guest

i have sent 6 paintings photos[31 pictures] to xlpmgs@126.com in 4/10/2010 please let me know did you received? welcome your company come to san francisco to see antiques,paintings and stamp...... thank you. mr.cao

May 16, 2010 kaien

Dear Mr. Cao, Thank you very much for your attention to our company. But if you have any pictures, please send email to the related email address of different departments of our company. And you can find the related email address in our website. Thank you & Best Regards, Beijing ChengXuan Auctions