May 10, 2010 James Li

希望贵公司负责媒体的周小姐可以用专业而礼貌的态度对太客户, 同时, 在不知道是谁来电的情况下, 请耐心敬业的态度来接电. 如果对客户没有耐心,总是不耐烦的回答客户问题,不如直接告诉客户:请不要选择诚轩, 请不要光顾诚轩,我们没有耐心接待你!

May 16, 2010 kaien

Dear Mr. Li, 非常抱歉没能及时回复您的留言,我是今天才看到您的留言。希望您能谅解。 由于我的态度问题而给您带来的任何不便,我在此向您致歉。也真诚感谢您对于我工作态度的指正,在我以后的工作当中,我会改正! 非常感谢! 恭祝 夏安 周海燕 敬上

May 09, 2010 Guest

Hello -- I am happy to see that you have added an English language "button" to your website. I see that information about previous auctions in 2008 and 2009 is available in English. Will your earlier auctions also be available in English? Thanks. Bruce W. Smith

May 16, 2010 kaien

Hi, Mr. Smith, It's so nice to read your message in our english website. Thank you for your advice, and we will do our best to fullfill the management of all our autions' data in the future. Thank you very much! Best Regards, Beijing ChengXuan Auctions

Jan 04, 2010 ReesRaaff

I would like to receive your stamp catalogues by mail. How can I arrange this please?

Jul 29, 2009 Invaluable

Are you planning to offer Live! Internet Bidding for your auction sales?

Aug 06, 2009 kaien

Dear Sirs, Thank you for your attention to our company! So far, Beijing ChengXuan has supplied the live broadcast of each auction without any kind of online bidding. You can join in the bidding by forms of absentee bids including telephone and written bids. Best Regards, Beijing ChengXuan Auctions