Statements and Corrections of Catalogues of 2016 Spring Auctions

  • May 17, 2016

Any illustrations or statements in the catalogue are only for reference and not to be relied upon in terms of color, quality or imperfections. Prospective buyers shall examine carefully the objects before bidding. The purchase of a lot shall be at the buyer’s own risk.

No lot may be returned after the auction due to the evaluation of any appraisal institution.


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part I)

1. The Exhibition and Illustration of Lot.89 should include:
The Exihibiton of Shanghai School Rare Works, Poly Art Museum, May 5th-12th, 2010
Masterpiece of Painting by New Jinling and Shanghai School Masters, Poly Art Museum, May 2010, p.119

2. The Illustration of Lot.122 should include:
Sotheby’s Hong Kong Twenty Years, 1973-1993, The Woods Publishing Company, 1993, p.408

3. The form of Lot.166 should be Mounted Fan.

4. The Provenance of Lot.199 should include:
Beijing Auctions, 14 December 1996, lot.95


Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy(Part II)

1. The Provenance of Lot.337 should be:

Beijing Auctions, 1 July 2000, lot.329

2. The Provenance of Lot.351 should include:
Sotheby’s Hong Kong, 28 October 1993, lot.964

3. The Illustration of Lot.413 should include:
The Best of Painting and Calligraphy by Modern masters, Shanghai Fine Arts Publisher,May 2013, p.91

4. The Illustration of Lot.428 should be:
The Painting Collection of Tsi Ya Chai,Volume II, Tsi Ya Chai Company Limited(Hong Kong), February 2005, pl.110

5. The form of Lot.440 should be Mounted.

6. The form of Lot.441 should be Mounted.

7. The creating date of Lot.457 should be 1961.

8. Lot.471 has been withdrawn


Modern and Contemporary Art

1. The estimated price of Lot.607 should be RMB 70,000-100,000

2. The estimated price of Lot.631 should be RMB 300,000-400,000

3. The estimated price of Lot.663 should be RMB 300,000-400,000


Ancient Chinese Coinage, Sycees & Milled Coinage

1. Lot.1640 has been repaired.

2. Lot.1930 is plain.

3. The picture of 1899 Kuang Hsu Yuan Pao 3.6 Candareens Silver Coin of Anhwei province, Lot.2093, is wrong.

4. Lot.2455 has been withdrawn.



1. Last three digits of most bankenotes of Lot.1438 is ‘666’.

2. The upper left corner of 10 cents piece of Lot.1442 is slightly damaged.


In accordance with the relevant rules of the People's Republic of China, export clearance will not be granted for Lots that marked with “*” in this catalogue.